For this edition, Phillip Maisel presents a grid of images referencing the contact sheet or digital camera roll. Following the shapes and lines present in each composition, the artist cut into the grid to create a uniquely-shaped puzzle meant to challenge the viewer through repetition and nuanced permutations.

Phillip Maisel (b.1981, Chicago) holds an MFA from California College of the Arts. He has had solo exhibitions at Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco; Shulamit Nazarian in Los Angeles, and Document in Chicago. He is a charter resident of Minnesota Street Projects Studio Program.

Maisel’s work is an exploration of visual perception, rooted in the language of photography. MaiseI creates arrangements of everyday materials in his studio, which he then photographs in iterative sequences. The resulting images become bases for drawing, cutting, and collaging upon as a way to explore perceptual ambiguity and engage with the dimensionality of photographic space.

Edition of 500