1275 Minnesota St / Atrium

12 Symbols

12 SYMBOLS is an immersive sound performance that metaphorically implicates the energy and patterns of the sun and the moon.

12 SYMBOLS questions how we perceive and experience the passing of time through sound and vision. 

12 percussionists stand in a large circle as if they were numbers on a clock. 

Audience members are invited to experience the piece inside or outside of the circle.

Lights out.

Cymbals become Solar and Lunar "Symbols."

Individual and Collective movements and gestures reference increments of time: seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years.


Lights on.

12 SYMBOLS will be performed by Ashley Bellouin, Nicole Thomas, Christie Yuri Noh, Jen Belleville, Marcella Gries, Kevin Corcoran, Jacob Heule, Jason Leggiere, Aaron Harbour, James Cordas, Ben Bracken and Christopher Duncan. Organized by Christopher Duncan, the work has previously been performed at the Berkeley Art Museum and on Mare Island as part of the RE: Sound series. 

*Bring a pillow or mat to sit or lay on.*