R. Luke DuBois,
R. Luke DuBois, "Hindsight is always 20/20." Lightbox, aluminum frame.

Special Event
1275 Minnesota St / Atrium

In Conversation: ​R. Luke DuBois

bitforms gallery presents a discussion with exhibiting artist R. Luke DuBois. 

R. Luke DuBois is a composer, artist, and performer who explores the temporal, verbal, and visual structures of cultural ephemera. Stemming from his investigations of “time-lapse phonography,” his work is a sonic and encyclopedic relative to time-lapse photography. Just as a long camera exposure fuses motion into a single image, his work reveals the average sonority, visual language, and vocabulary in music, film, text, or cultural information. An active visual and musical collaborator, DuBois is the co-author of Jitter, a software suite for the real-time manipulation of matrix data. He appears on nearly twenty-five albums both individually and as part of the avant-garde electronic group The Freight Elevator Quartet. DuBois holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and teaches at New York University. In early 2014, the first mid-career survey of DuBois’ work was presented by The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. The exhibition featured an overview as well as newly commissioned portraits, and a monograph containing essays by Matthew McLendon, Dan Cameron, Anne Collins Goodyear, and Matthew Ritchie. He recently presented a very popular TED talk “Insightful human portraits made from data."