1150 25th St / McEvoy Foundation for the Arts

Broadcast across the Bay Area in 1969, the Dilexi Series is a collection of radical television programs created by a host of artists including Julian Beck, Walter De Maria, Kenneth Dewey, Robert Frank, Anna Halprin, Phil Makanna, Robert Nelson, Yvonne Rainer, Terry Riley and Arlo Acton, Edwin Schlossberg, Andy Warhol, William Wiley, and Frank Zappa.

Commissioned by Dilexi Gallery director Jim Newman and KQED-9 TV, the Dilexi Series was visually original, thematically diverse, and subversive programming made with complete disregard for “good” TV.

Curated by Steve Seid and co-presented with the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Screenings held daily in MFA’s media room.