1275 Minnesota St / Anglim Gilbert Gallery

Opening reception: Saturday, July 29th | 4-7pm


““…it is indisputable that 1, silence is static and sounds, noises and smells are dynamic. 2, sounds, noises and odors are nothing but different shapes and intensity of vibration. 3, any succession of sounds, noises, print smells in the mind an arabesque of shapes and colors.” " -from The Painting of Sounds, Noises and Odors, Futurist Manifesto, Carlo Carrà 1913 

Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to present Synesthesia, an exhibition of new works by Bruno Fazzolari.

For the past few years Bruno Fazzolari has been creatively exploring the intersection of the visual arts and the tradition of perfume making. His interest in synesthesia, especially in the equivalent properties of color and scent has led him to create paintings that are informed by the layered crafting of a complex fragrance. In turn, the perfumes he develops have been allowed the freedom and experimentation that a painter might bring to his practice. He often presents and exhibits his painted artworks in concert with new creations in scent. 

His latest presentation will feature 12 small-scale flashe (vinyl base paint) paintings on paper, abstract compositions in color that invite an associative and intuitive response. Layers of mottled color, measured out in overlapping or adjacent shapes allow the eye to blend or isolate. Both perfumes and paint (and its pigments) are crafted from recipes of minerals and organic matter. Each discipline embraces its own science, but aims to create an experience more spiritual or emotional. In these vividly colorful paintings Fazzolari carefully weighs values of intensity and depth, balancing harmony and discordance.

The gallery presentation complements Fazzolari’s participation in the exhibition “Unsettled” (August 26, 2017 - January 21, 2018) at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno. He has been specially commissioned to create a new perfume, Unsettled, for which he formulated a blend of scents associated with the Pacific Rim (bergamot, china black tea, clary sage, pineapple, new caledonian sandalwood, labdanum, vanilla, ocean breezes ) to be presented in an extraordinary glowing flacon. The exhibition will include works by artists from the ‘Greater West’ (from Alaska to Australia) encompassing a range of artworks from preColumbian times to the present. It is organized by the museum’s Curatorial Director JoAnne Northrup in collaboration with artist Ed Ruscha. 

Bruno Fazzolari has exhibited nationally and has been included in shows at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco and the Katonah Museum of Art in New York. He is also a writer who has taught at the California College of the Arts. He received his B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and earned his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His artisan perfumes have received acclaim, winning numerous international awards including four stars from perfume critic, Luca Turin.