1275 Minnesota St / Jack Fischer Gallery

Opening reception: Saturday, November 18th | 4 –6 pm

Jack Fischer Gallery is pleased to host Byron Ryono's mini series series the first solo show of the artist with the gallery.

With regard to his work, Ryono states: “I mostly work with metal. It’s strength, durability and presence are ageless qualities. Metal controls me as much as I control it. It bends and melts, it conforms to a shape I attempt to dictate. Nonetheless, I only cede to metal’s properties by adapting and improvising. That interaction has seduced me into a compelling relationship. I make objects that invite close inspection, revealing mysteries, questions and perhaps resolution. Sometimes, there is a message, other times, a smile, or a chuckle. I want to provoke a thought, to think what you see."

A portion of the proceeds of this show will go to the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (SJICA) in San Jose, CA; Kala Institute in Berkeley, CA; Root Division, San Francisco, CA; and Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA.