1275 Minnesota St / Media Gallery

Euqinom Projects presents terra systema . tempo, a video installation that sets footage of the tropical rainforest and the melt of the Greenland ice sheet on opposite walls, placing the viewer at the center of a kinetic conversation between two ecological systems that bookend the temperate zone where most of the first world lives. 

Using the roles that the arctic and tropical ecosystems play in our imagining and understanding of the planet, the work connects the singular system of self to the whole of the earth. Seely began the project in 2016 at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Station on the island of Barro Colorado in the Panama Canal, creating a series of kinetic stills (video works), terra systema . respiro (breath) tracing the interplay of light and air within the living respiratory system of the rainforest belt. terra systema . flumen (current) explores the kinetic life of melt water from the Greenland ice sheet, where Seely travelled over the course of two summers with a group of scientists from the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College. 

This piece is in conjunction with Seely's solo exhibition, terra systema . momentum, which will be up for one more week at 1599 Tennessee Street, San Francisco, CA.