1275 Minnesota St / Media Gallery

A component of After Pop Life, the Media Gallery will be purified with holy water from Lake Minnetonka, and rechristened as a place of worship for the music of Prince Rogers Nelson.
Artist Jenifer K. Wofford has assembled a collection of karaoke videos* of Prince songs** and created a suite of new karaoke videos of her own for Dearly Beloved: A Karaoke Chapel.  

The Chapel hosts daily Hours of Contemplation for the duration of After Pop Life. Special Services are held Thursday-Saturday afternoons, when the Karaoke Hymnal is open to the faithful to choose and perform their songs of devotion. 

*Since Prince was famously protective of his music rights, there are limited karaoke renditions available; some karaoke videos are set to the original vocal tracks rather than instrumental tracks. 

**All songs written by Prince but some recorded by others.


Monday-Saturday | 11am - 6pm: Contemplation

Screenings of a looped selection of videos that guests are welcome to sing along to from their pews.

Thursday-Saturday | 4pm - 6pm: Services

The Karaoke Chapel is open to full participation. Celebrants can select the song of their choice from the Karaoke Hymnal, and perform for other acolytes.  A chapel attendant will be present to attend to the faithful.

Extended Services

September 17th | 6pm - 8pm
October 1st | open until 11pm

The Hymnal/Karaoke Songbook includes: 
Greater Glories
1999, Purple Rain, etc.
Secret Delights
She’s Always In My Hair, Moonbeam Levels, etc.
Sheila E, Vanity, etc.