1275 Minnesota St / Gallery 201

Opening reception: Saturday, November 4th | 3–5pm

A collaborative exhibition between Jack Fischer Gallery and Themes+Projects presents, "Folie à deux" a two-person exhibition with Marc D'Estout and Beverly Rayner.

Folie à deux, french for "madness of two," a condition in which two people share the same delusions, more likely to occur in a pair of individuals who share a close relationship, like a married couple.

Beverly Rayner and Marc D’Estout have shared their lives, their art studio, and their intense passion for magnetically aesthetic objects for nearly three decades. They also share an irrational devotion to art making. Recently, they were asked to have exhibitions concurrently, which seemed foolish to them, but they agreed to do it anyway. The time leading up to their deadlines cast a confirming spotlight on the lunacy of working so intently in their studio together at the same time.

More recently, they were asked to have a two-person exhibition at the same time as their individual shows, which seemed foolish to them, but they agreed to do it anyway. This is the first joint exhibition for the couple – sponsored by Themes+Projects, where Beverly currently has her exhibition, "Blind Spots", and Jack Fischer Gallery, where Marc has an exhibition of his work – and further proof of their shared delusions.