Miguel Arzabe,
Miguel Arzabe, "Tubes," 2015

1275 Minnesota St / Gallery 104

I like to take my time and look in all the windows,
Pretend that I got money to buy what's in the windows,
Lookin' at the ladies, all dressed up in the windows,
Watchin' the laundry comin' out of all the windows,
Watchin' the cops puttin' tickets on the windows,
While I'm walkin'
. - Silver Apples

I Never Learned the Title of the Song I Always Sing is a group exhibition featuring a selection of artists from Minnesota Street Project’s Studio Program. Featuring work by Beth Abrahamson, Miguel Arzabe, Brittany Atkinson, Binta Ayofemi, Rachelle Bussières, James Chronister, Arash Fayez, Tom Loughlin, Chris Lux, Phillip Maisel, Sean McFarland, Masako Miyazaki and Chris Sollars.
The exhibition is curated by Brion Nuda Rosch, Director of the Studio Program.

The lights of the gallery are turned off
Videos and images are projected
Digital and analog
Paint straight from the tube
A landscape
Neon sign  
Pollock a hundred times
A moon rises and sets
Eclipse of the news
Over found sculpture
And a walk alone in the evening
In all the windows