1275 Minnesota St / Interface Gallery

Interface Gallery is pleased to present When the sun goes black, a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Jaimie Healy at Minnesota Street Project.

Healy uses the language of abstraction to express subtle feelings and to explore philosophical and spiritual concepts. The paintings in this exhibition consist of geometric planes and washes of color that overlap and penetrate the space of the canvas, evoking a sense that deep layers of knowing and feeling are being penetrated and revealed.

In addition to the paintings, Healy presents a series of small plaster sculptures - casts of a friend’s belongings. Appearing at once as fragments, they somehow contain something fuller of the original, a history or trace that speaks to a truer essence.

The title for this show comes from a children’s book explaining what happens during a solar eclipse. While chosen more for its poetic resonance, the moment of an eclipse is an apt metaphor for the subtle in between states Healy seeks to express in her work - moments that contain light and dark, fullness and emptiness, and that connect us to something inexpressible but deeply intuited.