1275 Minnesota St / Gallery 107

Opening reception: Aug 5th | 6-8pm

PARANOID TIERS: A collection of collaborative drawings by Griffin McPartland + Paul Urich

San Francisco
A garbage man picks up a discarded art history book on his route
He returns to his home across the bay
He tears a page from it’s contents 
And writes a few words - a poem
The book page is mailed to a friend near Ocean Beach
Using pencil and later ink a drawing responds to the text
And so it continues
In sense he started it all
When he began to collect notes from his collaborator
Unknown to the modest garbage man someone found value in the notes left behind
On an earlier morning a suggestion to collaborate
“He suggested we collaborate back and forth over the course of a year and have a show. I flat out refused. I don't draw or paint. I make cutting observations that feel passive aggressive and petty. I didn't see the relationship between his beautiful images and my angry dialog. Despite me, a few weeks later in February of 14, Paul sent me a package. It was to be the first of many.
I stopped worrying about making a mess and wrote whatever came to mind on these articulate graphite drawings on old stationary, and sent them back to the city. More would arrive, I would attempt to turn off my concern and chip away at the stack. Soon, I began to get antsy, I would tear pages out of old books I had found in the trash, write on them and mail them to Paul. The dynamic was reversed and the the project gained momentum. The conversation began to take on new directions that surprised the both of us. This shit was fun.” - Griffin McPartland
 PARANOID TIERS at Minnesota Street Project has been organized and curated by Brion Nuda Rosch.
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