Phillip David Stearns,
Phillip David Stearns, "Polar Visions 002"
Mary Ann Strandell,
Mary Ann Strandell, "Tromploi"
Rollin Leonard,
Rollin Leonard, "Spinning Pinwheel of Death"
Claudia Hart,
Claudia Hart, "Empire"
Laturbo Avedon,
Laturbo Avedon, "Id"
Rosa Menkman,
Rosa Menkman, "DCT: Syphoning"
Rick Silva,
Rick Silva, "Vibes Accelerationist"

1275 Minnesota St / Media Gallery

This summer, TRANSFER installs an outpost in San Francisco inside the media gallery at the Minnesota Street Project – the NYC-based gallery presents a hyperlinked immersive three-channel audio-visual exhibition, designed to engage the newly launched Dogpatch-based contemporary art space. Installed as a series of hyperlinked solo exhibitions, The ‘TRANSFER Download' invites artists to present custom three-channel solo presentations of moving image. Each work is accessible via a playlist, creating a layered salon-style exhibition format first tested during Art Basel Miami in 2014 . Selecting an artwork from the control screen changes over the entire installation space to feature a single work – formats include time-based narrative, generative 3D video, and looped moving images.

The ‘TRANSFER Download’ features a selection of new and existing works spanning themes of technology and the body, architectural space reimagined through moving images, and urban/glitch landscapes.

“This immersive installation invites the Bay Area to get intimate with new formats – presented in the slowdown summer months, the ‘ TRANSFER Download ’ creates a unique environment where small groups of people can come together to spend time with the work. By hosting gatherings with personalized gallery talks in a salon-style environment, I hope to open up access to the artworks I love, and expose new audiences to my approach to supporting computer-based practices in contemporary art.” -Kelani Nichole, Director of TRANSFER

Featured Works
Claudia Hart, ‘Empire  (2010, 4-Channel 3D Animation with music by Ella Joyce Buckley)
Hart surrounds the viewer with a continuous animation of a virtual monument that slowly decays, rotting as it transits from sunrise to sunset.

Mary Ann Strandell, ‘Tromploi’ (2016, Looped Moving Image install from Lenticular Print Series)
Strandell considers the spatial anxieties within the constructs of place and nature. ‘Tromploi’ reactivates parts and pieces of her lenticular series, ‘ Re Materia l’, sourced from volumes of encyclopedias, postcards, photographs, as well as Google image repositories.

Rosa Menkman,  'DCT: Syphoning’ (2016, 3D Video teaser of a forthcoming VR Installation at DiMoDA)
Inspired by ‘Flatland’, Menkman tells the story of a father who introduces his son to different levels of compression; they move from dither, to lines, to macroblocks (the realm in which they normally resonate) to the ‘future’ realms of wavelets and vectors.

Phillip David Stearns, ‘Polar Visions 002’ (2016, 3-Channel HD 1080p30 Video with LFE Audio Track)
Stearns reconstructs a sunset from its representation as a digital still; an exercise in reformulating machinic experience for humans.

Rick Silva, ‘Vibes Accelerationist’ (2016, Single-channel HD Video with Audio)
Silva’s 3D animation a features a slowly oscillating shaka / hang-loose gesture that generates a set of rapidly pulsating particle fields.

Rollin Leonard, ‘Spinning Pinwheel of Death’ ( 2015-16, 2-Channel 4k Looped Moving Image)
Leonard’s looped self portrait emulates a digital distortion – without employing any post-production effects – by using water as optics. His photographs are taken through drops of water, each droplet acts as a flexible, temporary lens.

Laturbo Avedon, ‘Pardon our Dust’ (2016, Excerpt of Three-Channel 3D Animation with Audio)
Avedon 's three-channel installation studies and abstracts the visual polish of high-end motion graphics, using reassembled elements from product showcases, sports interfaces and cinematic special effects.