Image: Christopher Bettig
Image: Christopher Bettig

The Adobe Studio

As a tech company that makes products for creative people, Adobe holds a unique position in the conversation around art and tech. Because the arts lie at the core of many of the products we create, the Minnesota Street Project was a natural fit for collaboration. The arts matter to technology – so not only will Adobe be a sponsor of the artist studios program, we’ll do so as resident artists ourselves, with an on-site studio at 1240 Minnesota Street. We envision the space as a hub for cross-pollinating ideas with our artist community, from digital projects to educational experiences to new large scale experiments in creative tech, VR/AR, machine learning and 3D printing.  
Lastly, our core DNA is rooted in the concept that “Creativity Matters,” and this collaboration is just one of the company’s many community engagement initiatives. We’re proud to team up with the Minnesota Street Project to help create a model for how corporations, nonprofits and local community constituents can work together to actively invest in the arts and contribute to solutions to challenges that affect us all – because there’s no climate for innovation without art.


For more information on Adobe at 1240 Minnesota Street, please visit Adobe's blog here

Please note: The Adobe Studio is a program designed for select Adobe employees to engage with artists within the 1240 Community. The Adobe Studio does not currently accept unsolicited applications.