Henna Vainio,
Henna Vainio, "Spring," 2015, fused glass, plaster and paint

Henna Vainio

Henna Vainio uses sculptural casting as a method to reproduce everyday objects often resulting in the creation of seemingly natural looking, yet unrecognisable forms. Her methods invoke the sense of casting in the theatrical sense of the word, as through the act of reproduction, the objects are assigned new roles or cast into performative functions. Her work often originates with an interest in the opposing qualities between flatness and depth, surface and structure, translucency and opacity. 

Vainio (b.1981 in Jyväskylä, Finland) is a graduate of Chelsea College of Arts, London and The Slade School of Art, London. Recent exhibitions include ‘Legs’, Plaza Plaza, London, (2016); ‘Matkalla Maan Keskipisteeseen’, Saarijärven Museo, Saarijärvi, Finland (2015); ‘Back to The Things Themselves’, Assembly Point, London (2015); ’Corporeality, Objects and Other Stuff’, FOLD, London, (2015) and ‘Stanzas’, OUTPOST, Norwich, UK (2014).