Maya Gold,
Maya Gold, "Untitled (Detail)," 2014, oil on canvas.

Maya Gold

Maya Gold is a Tel Aviv based artist, exhibiting both in Israel and abroad. 

Gold uses classical techniques and strategies, such as perspective and point of view, to create a new version of conceptual realism that raises questions concerning the depth within the flatness of the two dimensional space. She is interested in exploring visual objects and in changing perspectives of occurrences and people as active figures contributing to the narrative of nature. Gold's work deals with the connection between art and daily life, with the unique ability of art to play a part in daily life and yet to be 'unusual' at the same time. Gold's painting depicts ordinary moments that through pictorial actions such as changing the point of view or the perspective, lose their balance and thus are excluded from the preexisting order. Recently, Gold has been dealing with painting inquiries about different levels of abstraction, changing points of view, the potential of the pictorial space and the conflict between a two dimensional painting versus a three dimensional one.